Creating S :) p ! a ;) c !! e


As a yoga teacher, and student, I always hear-and say create space.  We are trying to open up to create new space.  Let go of what you don’t want, and inhale what you want.  Pretty cliche’ that you will hear that in many yoga classes.  But, seriously, the concept itself is important, and powerful!  In our bodies, when we release things that don’t serve us, by letting go/exhaling, we allow room for more space.  This may mean, physically you twist further, or stretch deeper than you ever have.  This isn’t done by forcing the movement, it is done successfully by releasing and easing into the new space.  From there, you have now transformed your body.  It may be a centimeter further than you have ever gotten before.  But, trust me, in yoga-an inch is a mile(another cliche’).  But, cliche’ or not, it’s true.  I was speaking to a fellow student in class yesterday.  This was a class that I was taking, right after finding out I had an injury.  It is a posterior hamstring strain…which literally is a pain in the ass!  But, we talked about how even though I am flexible, I will use blocks and not force things.  My practice of creating space for the next five weeks, will be mentally, not allowing my ego to dictate bad decisions-and getting out of my own way.  My space is created by not reacting to my instinct to stretch deep, but to let go, but letting up.

So, back to the student whom I was speaking with.  She talked about using the block at the highest level when she first started, then moving it to the second highest level, and now using it at its lowest support.  She has created space, and realizes it, as it happened little by little.  I laughed, because that is the process I went through.  When I first started practicing yoga in 2005, I used the blocks at their highest levels.  I never thought it was a big deal, because my teachers let me know why they were important.  So, that by correctly getting into the pose, the good space will be created.  Going into a side angle and cranking out your ass, when you really need a block, is not very productive for your practice.  It looks bad, and you probably end up feeling bad physically.  Poor alignment, blocks space, or leads to “bad” space.

Using that metaphor for life, it is the same concept.  If we have our lives misaligned,  we will block space, or live in the “bad” space.  The only way to to reach your desired space, is to properly align yourself.  Is your life aligned to allow for the good things to come into the good space?  Or, are you misaligned, blocking the good things that you desire from appearing?

I’ve recently freed up space off of my yoga mat.  And, I feel like I can truly breathe freer than I have in three years!  Now, I have thought about this misalignment, and didn’t try to get that mile, before getting the inches.  However, I saw the destination, and knew I needed to make some adjustments to get to that position.  I am extremely grateful to my current company, co-workers, and students.  However, I knew that something was out of alignment.  Something didn’t feel right.  Physically, we know we don’t feel right, when we experience pain or discomfort.  If we pay attention to the mental discomfort, it actually manifests into the physical.  My job has been wearing me out, to the point where my zest for life was decreasing.  I didn’t have energy or space, to truly live in that beautiful pose.

Recently, I’ve been on a two week vacation from that job.  Hence, space came to me.  I knew it was coming, and properly aligned myself to get into the position I wanted.  By knowing how to correctly align myself, I have used this new space, to gain an inch or two.  For me, it was cutting my class load in half at my current employer, and teaching more yoga.  Not only, do I have the space I need to feel free and happy, I have the room to grow!  And, that, is where all the joy in the world can come from!

When you set your intention, and focus on these things happening, they will.  Stay positive, let the bad stuff go(equanimity), and enjoy the ride into your new S 🙂 p ! a 😉 c !! e